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How do you ship my order?

Prints are sent through priority mail and include insurance so you can be sure that your product looks just as good when you receive it as it did when it left our office.

How soon do you ship my order?

We ship your order the first Saturday after you purchase it.

Do you ship internationally?

We sure do, but the cost for international shipping is more.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal. Don't have a PayPal account? No prob, when you reach the PayPal page just choose to pay without a PayPal account.

Can I visit your shop?

No, sorry. We work out of a very tiny workshop.


About Screen Printing

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a printing process where each color is printed by forcing ink through a screen stencil, one print at a time. As a result each print is totally unique.

What’s your process?

Each print is made by hand so you can be sure no one else will have one quite like yours. We begin by creating the design digitally. From there we create negatives that are burned on to screens by our designer, Dustin Lee. Once the screens are burned we hand print each poster. An edition of 50 prints typically takes 6-8 hours to make.


Additional Questions

What other products can I expect to see in the future?

We have big plans for the future. In the months to come expect to see t-shirts and more posters. We're going to be releasing typography bombs on the Paid To Exist website and many of these will be turned into larger full sized posters with messages designed to excite and inspire you.

Do you do custom design projects?

The Paid To Exist shop was created just to create goods for our community. If you're interested in having something created for a project contact Dustin Lee at designbydustin@gmail.com.

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